David Fairer Author & Literary Historian
David Fairer Author & Literary Historian

Further Reading

For anyone interested in the social/political background to Chocolate House Treason, here is a selection of materials that have proved especially useful in writing the novel.

A few contemporary sources:

  • Addison, Joseph, The Campaign, a Poem, to His Grace the Duke of Marlborough(London, 1705)
  • Addison, Joseph, The Present State of the War, and the Necessity of an Augmentation, Consider’d(London: Printed and Sold by John Morphew near Stationers Hall, 1708)
  • [Anon.], The Character of a Coffee-House. Wherein Is contained a Description of the Persons usually frequenting it, with their Discourse and Humors(London, 1665)
  • [Anon.], The Character of a Coffee-House, with the Symptomes of a Town-Wit(London, 1673)
  • [Anon.], The Compleat Constable. Directing All Constables, Headboroughs, Tithing-Men, Church-Wardens, Overseers of the Poor, Surveyors of the Highways . . . in the Duty of their several Offices. Fourth Edition with Additions(London, 1710)
  • [Anon.], The Complete Art of Boxing, According to the Modern Method . . . To which is added The General History of Boxing(London, 1788)
  • [Anon.], The Female Wits: Or, The Triumvirate of Poets At Rehearsal. A Comedy . . . Written by Mr W.M.(London, 1704)
  • [Anon.], St. James’s Park: A Satyr(London, 1708) [? By Joseph Browne and William Oldisworth]
  • [Anon.], A Poem on the Queen’s Birthday(London: Printed and Sold by J. Morphew, near Stationers-Hall, 1707)
  • [Anon.], ‘The Weekly Comedy: Or, The Humours of a Coffee-House’, in The Weekly Comedy, 2 (20 Aug. 1707)
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  • [West, Richard], The True Character of a Church-Man, Shewing the False Pretences to that Name[London, 1702]

A selection of background sources:

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